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Racist President Donald Trump took to Twitter to update us on his “negotiations” to get A$AP Rocky released from a Swedish prison. It’s not looking good for the Harlem rapper as the bumbling POTUS with the obviously suspect negotiation skills basically said Sweden’s Prime Minister Stefan Löfven curved him.

Very disappointed in Prime Minister Stefan Löfven for being unable to act. Sweden has let our African American Community down in the United States. I watched the tapes of A$AP Rocky, and he was being followed and harassed by troublemakers. Treat Americans fairly! #FreeRocky,” tweeted Trump today (July 25).

He added, “Give A$AP Rocky his FREEDOM. We do so much for Sweden but it doesn’t seem to work the other way around. Sweden should focus on its real crime problem! #FreeRocky.”

First of all, we know that Chump was doing Rocky no favors as soon as he mentioned his name. Everything Cheeto does is transactional, so anyone with sense knows he’s only taking up this task for the sake of saying he isn’t racist because he helped the Black guy.

First of all, Black people aren’t a monolith, so plenty will give no f*cks about what favors Trump pulled for Rocky. Also, Trump is still a racist, so there’s that. Also, “our African American Community” as if we are chattel is piss poor word choice, especially from the Bigot In Chief.

Every passing day it’s looking like Kanye West and Kim Kardashian did more harm than good bringing this to Trump’s attention because Sweden’s PM clearly isn’t trying to look like a corrupt government official.

Free A$AP Rocky, though. Most recently, A$AP Rocky was formally charged with criminal assault. If convicted, he faces up to 2 years in jail.