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Kim Kardashain & More Celebs Have A Lot of Fake Followers, Report

Source: Alex Wong / Getty

If you have been using Instagram or Twitter for years, you are well aware of the fake followers. A new report is now detailing just how bad it really is, and there are big celebrities who have a lot of them.

The report from ICMP highlighted the ridiculous amount of fake followers celebrities have on the social media platform. The investigation was broken down into categories about what each star does. Ellen DeGeneres topped the showbiz category with most fake followers listed at 58%. Following her is the mega-popular K-pop band BTS with 48%, Kourtney Kardashian and Taylor Swift both at 49% and Ariana Grande’s 46%.

Other notable names on the list include both Kim and Khloe Kardashian who also have a lot of fake Instagram followers listed at 44%. Seasonless twerker and habitual culture vulture Miley Cyrus clocks in at  45%. Mr. “I like my chips with the dip,” Drake appeared in the report with 38%.

As far as sports stars are concerned, Soccer’s most prominent names in the game top the list. Toni Kroos of Real Madrid topped the report overall with a whopping 57% of fake followers following him. His teammates Isco Alarcon Suarez (54%) and Luka Modric (50%) are right behind him.

Going through the full report, it shows in great detail no celebrity is safe from picking up fake followers. Even Beyoncé is on the list with 31%, but as long as she is not in the top right? Anyway, we just hope no one this list is actually purchasing these fake followers, that would be the ultimate sin.

You can check out the entire list for yourself here.

Photo: Alex Wong / Getty