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Sony Announces Two New Versions of The Walkman Are Coming

Source: BEHROUZ MEHRI / Getty

Before there were iPods, smartphones, and CD players, there was the Walkman. To celebrate the technological advancements the 40th anniversary, Sony is dropping two new models of the portable music player.

The tech giant announced the Sony NW-A100TPS and the lower-end Sony NW-A105 are on the way.  We are sure there is some head-scratching going on reading this. Mainly with tape cassettes being a thing of the past. BUT these models have been modernized to suit the modern-day person.

The “rebooted” Walkman devices will run on an Android OS and come with a bevy of new features. For instance, the DSHEE HX processor will provide improved compressed audio, a vinyl processor for the audiophile who enjoys a vintage sound. Plus there is an S-Master HX amplifier which will supply the best quality audio. The new Walkman will also sport a 3.6-inch touch panel, USB-C charging port, Bluetooth capability, and expandable 16GB storage.

Where the two devices differ is the NW-A100TPS will be sporting a 40th-anniversary logo, an interface that resembles a tape cassette, unique packaging and case that is will resemble the original Walkman. The NW-A105 will be the cheaper model and will not be decked out with fresh designs. Since we are on the topic of price, reports indicate when they launch in Australia and Europe later this year, they will cost AUD 599 and €440 EUR/£400 GBP.

As far as a release date for the US, details have yet to be announced, but when they do both models will probably cost somewhere between $400 and $500 according to reports. Now we are not sure who is in the market for a separate device that plays music being that most people use their smartphones to stream music now. We are intrigued to see how the new models do upon their release. You can see them in action in the announcement video below.

Photo: BEHROUZ MEHRI / Getty