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While the female Rap game can often create more rivals than friends Kash Doll shows that there is always room for camaraderie. She recently made good with one of her biggest influences.

As spotted on Complex the Detroit MC let the world know that she is now on great terms with Lil Kim. She took to her Twitter account on Wednesday, September 11 to detail the interaction that lead to their relationship being in a better place. “First of all i met lil Kim lastnight!!!!!! She was sooooooo sweet i had to apologize to her for going on a rant when i was younger!!” she wrote.

She would go on to admit that she came at the Queen Bee thinking the Brooklyn legend didn’t want to work with her. “I was in my feelings about some shit someone i was working with told me she said i couldn’t go on tour with her lil Kim didn’t event know”.

It seems Kim put her on to game too. “She was so G about it! Hugged me and embraced me like listen you’re too talented for that i love learning sh*t from OGs!! @lilkim thank u for everything! you’re truly an icon love” Kash wrote in a following Tweet.

The two went on to exchange very loving tweets about each other and made it clear they be will be supporting each other’s careers moving forward.

Clap for them.

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