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Source: Jay-Z aka Shawn Corey Carter performing at the Air Canada Centre Toronto, Canada – 31.10.09 Featuring: Jay-Z aka Shawn Corey Carter When: 31 Oct 2009 Credit: Dominic Chan/

While Kanye West continues to tease the possibility of throwing his hat into the Presidential race of 2024, Lil Wayne feels that if any rapper should ever end up signing bills in the Oval Office, it should be Jay-Z.

For the latest episode of Bumbu’s The Bumbu Room, Lil Tunechi talks about random things like what his porn star name would be and would he date a girl his man smashed, but when asked about a rapper running for office, Weezy went with a more mentally sound choice than Yeezy.

“If there was a rapper that should ever run for President, I believe that rapper should easily be Jay-Z. Plain and simple. I don’t even think there’s a ‘why?’ that should come with that. Plain and simple. I would love to see “B” [Beyoncé] as the first lady. Plain and simple.”

Well, expect the Trump base to flood Lil Wayne’s timeline with all kinds of slander and death threats for this one. Still, he’s not wrong. It seems like everything Jay touches turns to gold (or platinum) unlike the current “business man” turned “President” who inherited hundreds of millions of dollars from his parents and went on to file for bankruptcy 6 times throughout his life.

But you can bet if Jay ever really did try to run for President Republicans would have a field day bringing up his hustling days and lyrics in his rap songs. They were amazing lyrics but yeah, they’d become a liability for the potential Presidential candidate.

Check out the latest episode of the Bumbu Room below and let us know which rapper you’d think would make a great President of The United States.