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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Multiplayer

Source: Infinity Ward / Activision

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare made its triumphant return, and players are currently embarking in battle across multiple consoles. Yesterday (Nov.26), Activision and Infinity Ward unveiled Modern Warfare’s first batch of postlaunch content, and it’s quite substantial.

Starting next month, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is taking the beloved first-person shooting franchise on a different path that doesn’t involve loot boxes but instead a battle pass system that will mirror shooters like Fortnite. Developers are already describing it as “the biggest free content drop in Call of Duty history.”

On December 3, Modern Warfare players can look forward to tons of FREE content like new maps, which will include fan favorites, Crash, Vacant, and Shipment from the original Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare game. There will also be three new game modes coming as well, 2v2 gunfight arrives and will be called On-Site Procurement (O.S.P.) (Gunfight Mode). Players will just be armed with their fists and will have to find weapons and resources after the match starts.

Another new mode called Reinforce, which is described as a hybrid of both Domination and Search & Destroy, is a single-life mode that will have two teams battle for control of three flags. There will another newcomer called Infected, which is being billed as a  survival party game mode. Activision says there will be more modes coming down the pipeline as season 1 continues.

Other new content includes new Special Ops missions Bomb Squad, Grounded, Pitch Black, and Just Reward plus new weapons the Ram-7 (assault rifle) and Holger-26 (light machine gun). If you happen to be one of those players who have paid for premium access, you will also get to learn what the 100 tiers of Battle Pass rewards are next week, as well.

All this comes right on time with the holiday season quickly approaching and a huge swath of new players picking up the game on either Black Friday or for Christmas.

Photo: Infinity Ward / Activision