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It’s that time of the year once again, you know, after you finish chowing down on your momma or grandmother’s Thanksgiving cooking, you crack open your laptop or hop on your smartphone to do some Black Friday shopping.

Its true you can pretty much buy anything during the official start of the holiday shopping season like clothes, cars, jewelry at a great price, but what you should really be focusing on is tech items. To help build up excitement for Black Friday, retail spots like Walmart and Target have already dropped their circulars detailing all of the electronic goodies that will be on sale.

We wanted to make that search for just a tad bit easier, so we singled out the best Black Friday deals for you whether you’re looking for a new gaming console, smart speaker, wearables, headphones, VR headset & more. We got you.

Smart Speakers

Google Home Mini

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Google has since upgraded that Google Home Mini with the Nest Mini, so that means you can scoop one up for the low low. If you weren’t able to snag a Google Home Mini for free as part of Spotify’s promotion when you signed up for a premium account, don’t fret you can still land one for only $25 at Target. The original price point is $49.00, so this is an absolute steal for anyone that wants a pretty good smart speaker.

Google Home Max

Source: Google / Google

Also, don’t sleep on the pricier ($249, but usually $299) Google Home Max. It let’s you play your favorite playlists from Spotify, Google Play, YouTube Music, Pandora or Deezer and even say “Hey Google, beat box” to lay down a beat. Big time sound.

Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation)

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Not to be outdone, Amazon’s smart speaker, the Echo Dot, is also on sale, and you can purchase one for $22.00 right now as well as bundles packed with other intelligent home needs like light bulbs and plugs.

Headphones /Wearables


Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

Headphones are always a hot item during Black Friday, and there is an excellent selection on sale. Pictured above are Skullcandy’s latest design, the Crusher ANC’s, which are very impressive and feature the latest noise cancellation technology. Originally they retailed at $319.99 but are currently set at $279.99 and can be purchased from the company’s website.

Beats is also getting in on the Black Friday madness as well. Target is selling the Beats Studio3 Wireless Noise Canceling headphones for $279.99 knocking  $70 off the original price. No, it’s not the latest offering from Apple Beats like the impressive Beats Solo Pro model, the Studio3 Wireless is still one of the better pair of over-the-ear headphones out.

Apple Airpods 2nd Gen

Source: Apple

If you’re not into over-the-ear the headphones, you can settle for a pair of second-generation Apple AirPods with a wireless charging case. The tech giant recently launched its new pro version of the popular accessory, so Target is offering the latter on sale slashing $55 off the original price and selling them for $145. You better move fast because these will definitely fly off the shelves at this price.

Samsung Galaxy Buds

Source: Nagina Lane / @PhotosByNae

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds are also on sale for $119.99, it’s only a $10 drop, but hey, it’s better than nothing, and the buds are one of the best in-ear devices on the market.

Now, if you want a dope wearable like an Apple Watch or Samsung Galaxy Watch to complement your new headphones or AirPods, it is the perfect time to get one. All variations of the Series 3 Apple Watch is on sale at Target beginning at $169.99 for the 38mm watch to $299.99 for 42mm with GPS and Celluar, you can head here to purchase one.

Apple Watch Series 3

Don’t want the Apple Watch? Samsung’s latest smartwatch, the Galaxy Active2, is on sale at Target as well for $249.99. If you head over to Samsung’s website, you can pick up the Galaxy Active for $149.99, $50 off the original asking price.

Video Games/VR Headsets

Source: Xbox One S Console & Controller Front Tilt

Last but certainly not least, Black Friday is the best time to cop a new console thanks in large part to Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo bundling up current-generation systems with the latest games.

Microsoft usually goes all-in on Black Friday, offering great deals on its family of Xbox One Consoles, and this year is no different. On the company’s website or at a Microsoft Store, you can cop the All-Digital (discless) Edition of the Xbox One S which comes with three games, Minecraft, Sea of Thieves and Fortnite Battle Royal preloaded for only $149.99, a full $100.00 off the original asking price.  You can also score an Xbox One X (1TB) bundled with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order or the Gears 5 Limited Edition console for $349.99 a sizeable $150.00 price drop.

PS4 Pro premiere event

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Not to be outdone, PlayStation is also looking to make a splash on Black Friday by slashing the price on the PS4 Pro and PS4 and PS VR bundles.

If you already got a regular PS4 and want to make that leap to 4K gaming, now is the time. You can secure a PS4 Pro (1TB) for $299.99. Sadly there are no games bundled with it, but we are satisfied with just a price cut. If you’re an Xbox One owner and are tired of your friends clowning you because you haven’t hopped on the PS4 wave, the Only On PlayStation PS4 1TB Console Bundle is the way to go. Not only do you get the best console out, but you also get these CLASSIC games The Last of Us Remastered, Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition and God of War to start your PS4 collection.

Been on the fence about the PS VR? Well, Sony is hoping its PlayStation VR Five Game Mega Pack Bundle lure in more users of the peripheral. For only $199.99, you not only get the VR headset and accompanying accessories, but you also get Resident Evil 7, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR, ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission, PlayStation VR Worlds, and Everybody’s Golf VR.

PlayStation is also knocking down the price on select accessories like the DualShock 4 controller, which is only $39.99 plus the Gold Wireless Headset in both Neo Versa and Rose Gold finishes for $69.99. If you need a PS Plus subscription (which you will), you can get a yearly one for 25% off.

Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Source: Nintendo / Nintendo

Nintendo is also bundling up its uber-popular console, the Nintendo Switch, which we are willing to bet will be one of the hottest Christmas gifts once again. As of right now, if you act quickly, you can still land a Nintendo Switch + Mario Kart Deluxe 8 Gray Bundle for $299 at either Walmart or Amazon. As far as games, you can cop two of the Switch’s best games, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild and Super Mario Odyssey, for $30 each, literally the price of one XBOX ONE or PS4 game.

If you need an extra Joy-Con, they are also on sale for $59.99, a $20.00 price drop.

Sadly Nintendo isn’t bringing back the NES or SNES Mini back for Black Friday, but Sega’s retro console, Genesis Mini, is still readily available for $50. The 16-Bit console emulator is HDMI-equipped and comes pre-loaded with classic games like Gunstar Heroes, Ecco The Dolphin, Comix Zone, Altered Beast, Dr.Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine, Sonic The Hedgehog and more.

You can head to Amazon right now to purchase one.

So move fast because all of these items won’t sit on shelves forever.

Misc. Tech Ideas

Of course, the above categories cover the bulk of what buyers will be rushing to the stores to collect but there are other items that might tickle the fancy of some.


Source: Ekster / Ekster

Founded by two Dutch college students that met in the United States, Ekster® is a brand that produces what they refer to as a smart wallet with a number of necessary features. While it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of similar devices, what sets Ekster® apart is the attention to fine details that make this a show-stopping device. With its innovative RFID-blocking card slots that fan out corresponding cards at the push of a button and a solar-powered tracking chip for those prone to losing their wallets, Ekster® is a fine choice for anyone in the market for something to hold their valuables.

Skyroam Solis X

Source: Skyroam / Skyroam

For the travelers and outdoor enthusiasts out there, there is a case that could be made for being connected at all times to the outside world. That’s where Skyroam comes in with their handy mobile WiFi devices. The Solis X is what the company bills as the world’s first smartspot — and it is an apt description of the device. Along with offering 4G LTE WiFi coverage using local cell towers and a paid subscription model, the Solis X is also a remote camera and can charge devices as well. Up to 10 devices can connect to the Solis X across over 130 countries worldwide.

Both Ekster® and Skyroam are running Black Friday specials.

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