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Last November it was reported that beloved New York Hip-Hop radio host Angie Martinez was involved in a severe car accident and though she escaped with her life she did suffer some serious injuries to her person.

After being sidelined for a few months in order to take much needed physical therapy, Martinez has finally returned to the airwaves and though she can’t speak too much about the details about her accident because “insurance is still dealing with stuff,” she does shed a little light on what she went through on that fateful day.

“I was swerving out of the way to miss another car, “Angie recalled. “I flew over a wall. It was like a 10-foot wall. The car dropped straight down. Luckily I had my seatbelt on, it was the daytime… like Dukes of Hazard in the air. Flew down, straight down into some trees.”

Angie revealed that Emergency responders had to cut through some trees to get her out of the wreckage that led to her suffering a shattered vertebra for which doctors had to “put something in my back” to help keep it together.

The OG radio host says that therapy is still taxing but that she’s making progress. Hopefully it won’t be long before Angie Martinez can get back to her normal everyday routine without feeling any pain.

Peep the clip of her talking about the accident below.