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R. Kelly's girlfriends clash at Trump Tower in Chicago, sending one to a hospital while other is charged with domestic batteru

Source: Chicago Tribune / Getty

The fight between the linked romantic partners of troubled singer R. Kelly briefly showed Joycelyn Savage swinging on Azriel Clary inside Kelly’s Trump Tower Chicago apartment. The full video of the brawl has surfaced, and it shows far more footage of the scuffle.

TMZ shared the full footage of the fight and added more details unknown to the public until now. In the video, people attempted to keep the women apart but Clary rushed in and again and appeared to get the better of savage, even dragging her briefly across the floor before the entire ordeal was stopped in its tracks after police arrived on the scene.

Just from watching the video itself, it appeared that the fight itself took quite a bit out of each woman, and Clary eventually ended up in the hospital although it doesn’t appear that she was severely hurt from the video footage.

It has also since come out that Clary, working alongside Shabazz of the ASIS Entertainment Network to produced a three-part documentary series titled Precedents, which the outlet says will feature Clary, her family, and some of Kelly’s friend offering their side of things.

And if it looks as if there’s beef between the women, Clary took to Twitter and is still supporting Savage with hopes that she’ll break free of Kelly’s spell.

“I woke up today happy but torn, I didn’t come to Chicago for Robert… only for Joy, whom he purposely separated us because he knew I’d try to make her go home. Please pray for Joy, this is just tough love so she can come to her own realization at her own timing,” Clary tweeted on Thursday (Jan. 9).

On Friday, Clary, who has been dropping similar messages and themes since making a return to social media, expressed her newfound strength after breaking free of Kelly’s clutches.

“No one ever wakes up and says “today I’m going to be manipulated, or taken advantage of, or kidnapped”.. those are things you just cannot control. I never thought me and victim would ever be in the same sentence because I was too in denial.. but once you realize, your realize,” Clary wrote.

The video of the fight is posted below.

Photo: Getty