“All these wanna be tough guys, son is soft

Gun go off, havin like a good show, just spun ’em off

Treat old-timers like fa*s who drop the soap

They mic got Alzheimer’s, forgot that they was dope”

Joe Budden (Microphone)

Although this line from the Slaughterhouse album probably had nothing to do with MC Shan, it seems to sum up the entire ordeal. In a recent interview on Street Disciplez Radio, MC Shan took some time out of his schedule to provide a little old man wisdom as it related to Joe Budden who has been on the cross ever since the situation with Method Man.

“If you see Joe Budden in the street, just slap him in the back of the neck because he’s so full of it.”

Shan proceeded to give his opinion on the punch that ran into Budden’s face and pushed an apology out of his mouth in a room full of those that potentially wanted to harm him as Mickey Factz watched and later gave the facts of the situation.

“He’s trying to use the Internet, there’s nothing wrong with it, but when somebody punches you in your eye and puts it on film and makes you apologize, quit. Quit — most of the time you outnumbered. I would have took the punch in the eye, right, but forget about me apologizing. You already punched me in my eye, picture me apologizing. I better not catch one of y’all by yourself — Joe Buddens does a show on BlogTV, I used to do shows on BlogTV. You can go on there and watch his videos and see how corny he is. Joe Buddens, I don’t care, I’mma see you and if you wanna pop off, that’s what it is. But I’mma be by myself, so it’s gonna be a one-on-one. So if either one of us get an eye jammie we ain’t gonna say the crew did it, n*gga. Understand me?”

In response to Shan, Budden has stated that he has no response for the rapper and stated, through Twitter, how everyone wants to fight him when all he wanted to do was have a battle rap.

“@DeserThEagle What is up wit rappers gettin at @mousebudden??? Is this Joe Budden vs the whole rap world-(that can’t rap, smh) 1 day they’ll all realize… I FawkIN LOVE IT !!!!! ‘No moment of clarity, next fight showin’ is a rarity, severity of me against my growin popularity’…. cont. ‘Rappers won’t rap, i’m forced 2 believe they scared of me, but can no longer use the scape goat ‘they not aware of me’..’ !! don’t worry rappers, i’m still not replying 2 Shyte, that was more like a freestyle, yall have the rest of the year 2 fire shots.. i’m duckin ‘why entertain’em, old me would’ve lost my senses, yall just helpin the new me regain’em I’m gettin my head right, recollectin… Yall lookin for some website resurrection.'”

For all the new school Hip-Hop fans out there that are unaware of the great MC Shan, this man can stand tall as he was one of the pioneers behind beefing on wax. The feud began when Shan and Marley Marl released “The Bridge” as an answer to a song released by LL Cool J entitled “Beat Biter.” KRS-One, at the time, was an up and coming rapper and responded with “South Bronx.” Fast forwarding, everything hit the fan with the release of “The Bridge Is Over” which ultimately blew a hole in the back that was Shan’s career.

Not to take away from his history, however, Shan was a member of the Juice Crew All Stars and his solo career saw him drop progressive gems such as Born To Be Wild and Play It Again, Shan.