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U.S. guards have been under fire for hosting lewd parties at the U.S. embassy in Afghanistan where the guards allegedly stripped naked, drank booze and performed salacious acts mirroring conditions of “Lord of the Flies.”

Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton has called for the investigation into the accusations against the security guards, which could potentially lead to the termination of the $189 million contract.

According to The Telegraph, the investigation of the behavior in question, The Project on Government Oversight, include incidents in which prostitutes were brought to the quarters where the guards were boarding.

“We expect to see prompt and effective action taken as a result of these investigations,” the spokesman, Ian Kelly, told reporters.

Repercussions could include a financial reconstruction of the contract or replacing guards and supervisors employed by ArmorGroup North America in Kabul, Afghanistan.

The group employs 450 guards to ensure the safety of the 1,000 U.S. diplomats, and officials that work from the embassy.

ArmorGroup North America’s parent company, Wackenhut Services has yet to comment on the claims that have been made against the staffers.