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Nicki Minaj

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

It’s not like anyone needed anymore reason to hate on Nicki Minaj’s new hubby, Kenneth “Zoo” Petty. But at a recent carnival the accused sex offender gave his haters a bit more ammo to use against him as he upset many with his behavior at the event.

This past Tuesday (Feb. 25) the Trinidad-born Queens rapper returned to her homeland of Trinidad to attend the Socadrome Carnival with her man in tow. While on a float alongside Petty and Trini singer Iwer George, Petty was recorded pushing off the fan favorite Trinidad singer as he tried to embrace Nicki while hyping up her presence.

Naturally fans were upset at Petty’s show of disrespect and took to social media to let as much be known. After enough people made a fuss of the awkward moment, Nicki took to the comments to apologize for her controversial husband’s actions and explain that “He doesn’t understand anything about our culture” and that he’s “always in security mode.”

With all that being said, rumors that Nicki may be carrying a Petty bun in the oven heated up when a video of Kenneth rubbing on Nicki’s stomach on a private jet was released. That could explain why “Zoo”‘s “security mode” might be a bit OD these days.

Not making any excuses for dude, just sayin.’

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