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Diddy Vows To Support Healthcare Workers During Coronavirus Pandemic

Source: Jason Koerner / Getty

In this time of extraordinary circumstances due to the coronavirus pandemic, Diddy, aka Brother Love, took to his Instagram to drop an impassioned plea showing support for healthcare workers.

We can always count on Diddy to drop a gem when it comes to things going on in the world. Puff took to his IG account to share some encouraging words during these stressful times in a video. In the caption, he vowed to find a way to directly help healthcare workers who are on the frontlines battling the virus plus is taking any ideas or help from others.

“We can all help.”

“We can’t just sit back and leave our healthcare workers abandoned and unprotected. Over the next few days, I’ll be locked in and focused on finding ways to directly support our healthcare workers, but I don’t have all the answers. If you want to help or have any great ideas, please reach out to me now! God bless us all. #teamlove”

A very grey Sean Combs went even further in the clip stating:

“Let’s get people involved. Let’s figure out a way to get people involved because people want to do something. There’s no way you could have power and not want to do something with it. I don’t know what superhero story they were watching, but the true superheroes they did it for the good though.

 “Everybody wants to be a superhero, and everybody got a superhero in them, it’s time for us to step this superhero shit up, cause we could think anything, we can manifest anything. Think is the thought process, and if we all together, that shit can’t stop us, shit can’t kill us off.”

Diddy even accurately pointed out that relying on the old heads in Washington DC isn’t the solution plus the “president” Donald Trump doesn’t care about us, so we can’t expect him to do right by us.

No lies detected.

You can watch the entire clip below.

Photo: Jason Koerner / Getty