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FOX's "Empire" - Season Three

Source: FOX / Getty

Welp, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Jussie Smollett-less final season of Empire has been shortened.

For those of you still wondering, yes, Empire still comes on, and during last night’s episode, fans were told to “Get ready for the shocking final three episodes of Empire.Deadline is reporting the episode that airs on April 21 will be the final one.

Per Deadline:

“The last completed episode before the coronavirus-imposed production shutdown, Episode 18, which is scheduled to air on April 21, is now set to be the premature end of Empire. To help create a more seamless overall ending, we hear this newly minted finale will likely feature footage from Episode 19, which was halfway through filming when the health crisis paused all Hollywood production. The show’s long intended ending, the series finale Episode 20, will never see the light of day for the once blockbuster.”

The show’s final season already underwent massive changes due to Jussie Smollett getting the boot following his staged homophobic attack, and now the coronavirus is the latest monkey wrench thrown into the shows cogs. But don’t fret when Empire goes away that doesn’t mean you will have seen the last of fan-favorite, Cookie Lyons.

Deadline reported back in January that FOX is considering the idea of Taraji P.Henson led spinoff of Empire that will see Cookie return and showrunners Lee Daniels and Danny Strong are very intrigued by the plan.

Will you guys be tuning in to the final three episodes of Empire? Or have you had already tuned out seasons ago? Let us know in the comment section below.

Photo: FOX / Getty