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President Donald J. Trump

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President Donald Trump has been touting the success of his administration’s response to COVID-19 and has somewhat used his daily briefings to drum up interest for a reelection campaign. New Gallup Poll numbers point to the former business mogul’s approval ratings sinking although Trump has twisted the narrative to suggest he’s helping media outlets up their ratings.

In a report released late last week by Gallup, it highlighted that Trump’s job approval rating dropped by six points to 43 percent. Gallup notes that back in mid-March, Trump’s numbers sat at 49 percent which was his highest in the poll, and the six-point drop in points is the highest Trump has seen since being in office.

More from Gallup:

However, his current 43% approval is still higher than most of the ratings he has received since he has been in the White House; his average rating since taking office is 40%. This year has been a relatively bright one for the president’s standing — averaging 46%, including three separate ratings of 49%.

The current health and economic crisis is undoubtedly the greatest challenge of his presidency so far — and could imperil his standing in the final year of his first term as he seeks reelection.

Crooks and Liars highlighted in their report on the numbers that Trump’s approval numbers are down even at polling sites that the president favors. The Rasmussen Reports indicate that 53 percent of pollsters have disapproved of President Trump’s response to the COVID-19 situation.

In typical Trumpian fashion, the president has used Twitter to promote more partisan dissension with jabs and insults at the liberals and the Democratic Party, all without addressing the numbers released as expected.

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