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Source: CHANDAN KHANNA / Getty

Even though Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (should’ve been Gov. Abrams) has lifted restrictions and allowed restaurants in Atlanta to completely reopen, the good people of the A are standing with their Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms and continuing to keep customers from dining-in their spots for the time being.

TMZ is reporting that though the Governor feels things are safe enough to have groups of people gather are some of Atlanta’s most popular eateries (it’s definitely not), the owners are sticking with the social distancing guidelines regardless of what Kemp (and Donald Trump) wants.

The popular Copper Cov Buckhead on the other hand refuses to open altogether as they’re awaiting the greenlight from their trusty Mayor Bottoms and are using the shutdown to sanitize their entire building.
Though Republican Governors and Donald Trump himself are eager to reopen the states in a desperate attempt to save Trump’s re-election chances at the expense of Americans health and lives, level-headed elected officials and workers peep game and refuse to go all-in while the Coronavirus is still running rampant through our communities.
Props to Mayor Bottoms and others who are doing what they can to keep Americans safe at a time when others are pushing for money over lives.