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It’s actually happening.

Weeks after Tekashi “Henry Hill” 6ix9ine was granted an early release from prison, he’ll be returning to his old stomping grounds of social media in an attempt to resurrect his once flourishing rap career. Yesterday the rainbow haired dime droppa took to social media and posted his first message in two years announcing that this Friday (May 8) he’d be going live at 3pm ET and invited everyone to help him “get this party started.”

But Tekashi also issued a trollish yet serious warning when he commented on the post and reminded everyone to “Be careful because the feds watching.” Gee, ya think!?!

This should be an interesting moment in Hip-Hop as we’ll be able to somewhat gauge just how far removed this current era is from the days when the “code of the streets” reigned supreme and rappers with any kind of connections to law enforcements couldn’t make a dollar much less rake in millions. The REAL King of New York said it himself: “If n*ggas think you sn*tchin’ they ain’t tryin’ to listen/They be sittin’ in your kitchen, waitin’ to start hittin.'”

But already Tekashi’s post has obtained more than a million “Likes” from his day one fans who’ll no doubt be looking forward to hearing new material from Tekashi who might unveil some new work or even a new video. So it seems like regardless of his snitch status, Tekashi will still be moving units but don’t expect him to have any famous collaborators any time soon as that Scarlett letter “S” still holds weight with many of his rap peers.