“Fawk that psychopath redneck, he history/Feed him to the piranhas, shoulda put him out his misery/Respect the legacy, they curl up when they mention me — I can’t be vibin’ with them n*ggas, that’s a dead issue/He wasn’t so official ’til I started Fawking with you/Too overrated, what I’m saying might be fraud to them/They bring that bacon to my house I have to Slaughter ’em” – Benzino (“Good Fellaz”)

Out of nowhere, Benzino seems to have found his way back into the light as he has emerged back into the rap ring. Oddly enough, however, he has stepped into the ring with formidable odds as he has sent lyrical shots at Eminem along with the group Slaughterhouse in the diss song “Good Fellaz.”

For all of those in confusion, it is needed, as the rapper known for his work, and eventual fallout from The Source, seemed to be attacking randomly. In regards to Slaughterhouse, the problem doesn’t stem from the whole group, but mainly Royce Da 5’9” and of course Joe Budden.

In a recent interview, Benzino stated that he felt that the group was overrated and couldn’t understand what all of the commotion was surrounding them. He then threw rocks at Budden by referring to his situation with Tahiry and kept it short by saying “Fawk Royce Da 5’9.” He then assured people that it wasn’t beef and he didn’t have a problem with Crooked I or Joell Ortiz. To make matters worse, he even stepped up to say that his click Made Men could body the group. It seemed obvious Wu-Tang didn’t want it with Slaughterhouse so maybe they will finally get their wish and engage in some lyrical tongue wrestling with another crew… or will they.

For those wondering what brought out this challenge to arms, it seems as though Benzino’s latest magazine Hip-Hop Weekly wanted to interview Slaughterhouse but they couldn’t because Kim Osorio is the wifey of Royce’s manager. Osorio was the former Editor-In-Chief of The Source Magazine and the two camps made headlines when she sued the company several years back over sexual harassment and defamation charges and won a $7 million judgment. I guess some wounds won’t heal.

In regards to Benzino taking aim, as a public service announcement to rappers, when you say Fawk you to anybody, trust it will be taken as beef and although you may not specify member, by saying Fawk the group they are apart of, you are still getting at them. That was just in case anyone wasn’t up to speed with that obvious piece of information.

In response, Royce and Budden stated, via Twitter, that they weren’t going to even bother.

“Aye #slaughterhouse ? @mousebudden @joellortiz @therealcrookedi Ya’ll wanna do something bout #Bendreamo ?? lol. “Just kidding ya’ll…@mousebudden Nah Im Fawkin with yo.” (Royce Da 5’9’s Twitter)

“@RoyceDaFive9 4 what ?? If he get it, EVERYBODY gets it… & doin that right now ????u already know… NO COMMENT !!!!! Lol” (Joe Budden’s Twitter)

Benzino also must want a rematch with the white boy who did some serious damage with the battle/ diss tracks “Nail In the Coffin” and “The Sauce” several years back. At this point, a diss to Eminem is like Ja Rule jumping on Mafia Music and dissing 50 Cent in the fact that it is too late. Going at the person that essentially threw him into the abyss is not smart at all.

As far as it pertains to Slaughterhouse, fans must be growing quite tired of having potential rap beef pushed to the side. Instead of making it seem like you will jump up, just leap. If anything, at least everyone will get a good laugh out of the whole ordeal because turning the other cheek to situations like Wu Tang and now Benzino can only make it seem as though there is too much hesitation for those that have set the bar. There’s nothing wrong with friendly fire as long as it’s lyrical.

Check out Benzino’s “Good Fellaz” below and his video going in on Eminem and Slaughterhouse.

“Good Fellaz”

Benzino-Good Fellaz_Eminem and Slaughterhous Diss_

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