Obama’s Mother To Be Focus of New Documentary


The mother of the nation’s 44th President will be the focus of a new documentary this fall. The Hollywood Reporter reports, “Stanley Ann Dunham: A Most Generous Spirit” will show how Barack Obama’s mother, Stanley Dunham, raised the future President in Indonesia and Hawaii. It will also show her pioneering work in the field of Third World microfinance, which assists small entrepreneurs, mostly women, in developing countries.

Executive producer for the film, Mary Aloe praised the President’s late mother saying that she was “ahead of her time.”

“She gave a lot of the backbone to our current President and his compassion to the people. With these small-scale economies, she took a concept that was emerging just as women were getting their rights and got them to think outside the box. She is a fascinating woman, and she was ahead of her time.”

Shooting will begin early next year in Hawaii, Indonesia and Washington. It will be a union between Aloe Entertainment, IMG and Schroeder-Ptacek Productions and is set to be directed by Charles Burnett. Burnett is noted for most recently directing “Namibia: The Struggle for Liberation,” a drama about the country’s first president.