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Cardi B

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

With so much quarantine time on people’s hands the cancel culture has gone up a few ticks and social media has had time to call out and shame numerous celebrities for past or present deeds. While many are warranted others have been propped up by “fans” who just don’t like a certain celebrity.

Now Cardi B has found herself in the crosshairs as social media began a #CardiBIsOverParty over what the “Bodak Yellow” says was a fake Instagram account mixup. Page Six is reporting that the Grammy award winning artist from the Bronx took to IG yesterday to address the rumors that she had a burner account in which she slandered other people and some of her rap peers. Something Cardi says she’s too grown for.

“I am not a 15-year-old girl that do fake instagrams to talk about celebrities. Can you imagine me hittin’ up Lil Kim like ‘Hey, here’s my fake page, write under it.'”

Yeah, that doesn’t sound like Cardi to us. If we’ve learned anything about the “Press” rapper over the years it’s that she has no problem calling out whomever whenever if she feels it’s necessary.

Still, she felt she needed to set the record straight on the matter and as far as we’re concerned, we believe her.

“I don’t have issues with none of these girls. I don’t even talk to people like that. Stop trying to make these fake s—s up, I don’t care if y’all trying to cancel me for something else but don’t make lies about me. It’s tiring, it’s annoying.”

Stop lying on her, y’all!

Cardi even went on her Twitter page to bask in the fact that she’s so popular that it motivates her haters to try to bring her down even when he’s on her downtime saying it “makes me feel like IM THAT B*TCH!”

Yes you are, ma’am. Yes. You. Are.