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Watch The Reveal Trailer & Gameplay Footage For WB Games 'Gotham Knights'

Source: WB Games / Gotham Knights

It’s been five LONG years since the last Batman game, WB Games Montreal finally gave us our first look at its long-rumored Gotham Knights game, and it looks fantastic.

Heroes become vigilantes, and vigilantes become heroes in the upcoming game Gotham Knights. In the recently released DC FanDome trailer, we quickly learn that Bruce Wayne, aka Batman dies in a massive explosion. Of course, Bruce being a man who always plans ahead, had a plan in place in the event he just happens to perish. Bruce sends a video out to his superhero proteges, or as the trailer’s description refers to them, the “Bat-Family,” Robin, Nightwing, Bat Girl, and Red Hood.

All four of the characters will be playable in the co-op in the open-world adventure that will have players exploring Gotham City and picking up where Batman left off protecting Gotham’s citizens from villains like Mr.Freeze who looks fantastic. By the end of the trailer, we also learn that the game’s main antagonists will be the Court of Owls, a secret society comprised of Gotham’s wealthiest families.

But that wasn’t all, we got blessed with gameplay footage as well, and it looks like an excellent blend of the action we have come to love from all of the Batman games from the past. WB Montreal is in charge of bringing the game to consoles in 2021. The last title the studio worked on was Batman: Arkham Origins, which was generally well-received but didn’t get the love Rocksteady Studios Batman titles got.

Speaking of Rocksteady Studios, they are currently working on Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League game, which will also learn more about during the DC FanDome event. So, do yourself a favor, check out the footage below, you won’t be disappointed at all.

Photo: WB Games / Gotham Knights