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Kanye West’s Presidential campaign took another L. Yesterday (Sept. 4), a judge granted an order to removed Yeezy’s name from the Virginia ballot.

Apparently, the “Power” rapper once again got caught peddling the jig when it came to getting the petition signatures needed to get on the ballot legally.

Reports Raw Story:

Richmond Circuit Court Judge Taylor was looking at the electors that were chosen for West’s bid because the people said that they were misled about taking an “Elector Oath.”

“Two signed affidavits were submitted Friday to the State Board of Elections from registered voters who said they were duped into signing up to serve as electors for West in Virginia,” the Washington Post reported on Monday. “In a separate account, an Alexandria woman said Saturday that a man tried to obtain her signature on one of West’s petitions under false pretenses.”

It’s the 9th state in which West has been rejected from being listed on the ballot.

As previously reported, GOP operatives have been tied to helping Kanye West get on ballots nationwide in order to serve as a spoiler to Joe Biden’s campaign. Yeezy himself has copped to this fact.

In a recent interview, West was adamant that he is not in the GOP’s payroll.

Regarless, that pipe dream of Kanye West being an actual Presidential contender just got dimmer.