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Method Man has earned the respect of his peers and a number of accolades for his career as a rapper, and now he’s comfortably shifting into the next phase of life as an actor with the same focus. In a new interview, the Wu-Tang Clan star discusses his acting influence, his new roles, and more.

Sitting with GQ, M-E-T-H-O-D Man spoke at length from his New York home with the publication about his resurgence as an actor, some of the growing pains that went along with this path, and how his role as Davis Maclean on Power Book II: Ghost, a high-profile defense attorney representing the St. Patrick family and has some challenges ahead with Tariq St. Patrick, who is following in his father’s drug-dealing footsteps.

From GQ:

What actors do you most admire, living or dead?

So many. Gary Oldman. Don Cheadle’s always been big on my radar. John Malkovich, there’s just something about his demeanor that resonates with me. I love what The Rock is doing; I love that transition. It kind of proves the theory about performing in front of a live audience and taking that, and putting that in front of a live camera. It was a natural progression for him because he was basically doing that when he was cutting promos [as a wrestler]. That’s the same thing we do, except ours is more grounded in reality, or at least that’s what the audience wants: they want our true story. They want the experience of who we are as artists.

That’s why, when I bring that to acting, they don’t want to see Method Man up there, they want to see [my character in Power Book II: Ghost] Davis Maclean, they want to see a lawyer up there. It’s going to be hard for some people to strip those layers away and actually see Maclean and not see me, but hopefully I did a good enough job that by episode two, all they’ll see is the lawyer.

It’s quite a fascinating read, where fans learn that Method Man, birth name Cliff Smith, candidly expresses how hard he’s worked at the craft of acting and shares others who inspired him along the journey. Check out the full piece here.

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