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Here Is Where You Can Preorder A Xbox Series X or Series S

Source: Microsoft / Xbox

The day Microsoft has been hyping is now here, today (Sept.22) is the preorder day for its next-gen consoles.

It’s Microsoft’s turn to get gamers hype, and the company hopes it will avoid the same confusion and let down Sony experienced when retailers jumped the gun and began dropping preorder links. Sony has since apologized and promised to release more consoles in the coming days. Meanwhile, Microsoft has been strategically making moves and laying out the details for its big day.

Microsoft has also dropped the big news of its purchase of ZeniMax Media, the parent company of Bethesda Studios, hoping it will lure gamers on the fence when it comes to picking a next-gen console. So that means Microsoft now owns A-list game franchises like Doom, Fallout, Skyrim, Prey, and more.

Okay, back to the information you want to hear. Ahead of the preorder launch, GameStop announced some pretty big deals to help you secure an Xbox Series X or Series S without having to really break the bank. If you no longer play your PS4 or Xbox One X, you can trade it in for a value of $200 towards your Series X or Series S purchase.  A 500GB Xbox One X will chop off $100 bucks towards your purchase of Microsoft’s next-generation consoles.

Or you can lease your Xbox Series X or Series S like a smartphone and utilize Microsoft’s Xbox All Access payment installment plan that will allow you to pay $35 a month for 24 months for a Series X with no upfront costs. No word if GameStop will implement its rumored payment plan.

Finally, there are all of the retailers who will be participating in the preorder palooza starting at 8AM PT, 11AM ET. Here all of the links below:

Best Buy: Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X

Target: Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X

Walmart has a landing page for both consoles.

GameStop’s landing page will allow you to sign up for a notification when both consoles drop while giving you the information you need.

You can always just get your console directly from Microsoft. 

Good luck!

Photo: Microsoft / Xbox

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