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Kendrick Lamar Hilariously Shuts Down Rumors of Him Leaving TDE

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

Rumors claiming that Kendrick Lamar took his rap skills and left TDE have been circulating all over Hip-Hop timelines. The mysterious rapper decided it was time to respond to those claims.

Tuesday (Oct.6), TDE CEO Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith shared a video on Instagram to share a PSA from the label’s crown jewel. In typical K-Dot fashion, he remains enigmatic, using his daughter’s Blue’s Clues stuffed animal to do the talking for him while SpongeBob SquarePants plays in the background.

While roasting Top’s head, Kendrick shut down the silly rumors stating:

“Top, you got to stop them from smutting my name, man. They been smutting my name all year, man. You ain’t said nothing. Enough is enough. Got them saying I done shook the label and all that.”

“They must not know about that pickle juice that’s under your red cap, man. About that sweat that’s holding that red cap together. The reason that it don’t fall off your head, man. … You need to tell them that’s the reason that cap don’t fall off your head man. So, why would I fall off?”

Well, there you have it.

Monday (Oct.5), rumors stated that Kendrick left TDE to join the media company he co-founded with former TDE executive Dave Free, pgLang. Allegedly, Lamar was going there to help his guide his cousin Baby Keem’s promising rap career.

Kendrick’s rumored departure spawned a theory that artists have grown frustrated with Tiffith’s style of hold onto his artist’s music until the last possible second before releasing it. Lamar was allegedly the first artist to say enough is enough and bounce from the label. Top Dawg president, Punch, sat back and watch the rumors fly and let off a series of tweets on Monday, pretty much denying the rumors.

He dropped the punctuation mark with another tweet featuring Lamar’s video.

We are happy to hear that K-Dot is not going anywhere.

Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz