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It should be universally understood that in the realm of Hip-Hop, Lupe Fiasco and Kendrick Lamar are both world-class rappers with bodies of work that prove that point time and again. However, Lu may have reignited a mock meat beef in the eyes of fans by stating without pretense that he’s a better lyricist than K-Dot, all while seemingly praising him as a better overall artist in the same breath.

The issue began over the weekend after the @choice_rap Twitter page posed a question this past Sunday (Sept. 20) asking who is the better lyricist between Fiasco and Lamar. Fiasco responded to the tweet writing “Lupe but…” as if he was going to elaborate right then and there but deleted his response.

Before long, the timeline seized on Fiasco’s response, which promoted a tweet response of “Lol” from TDE president Punch Sunday afternoon. From there, it was off to the races with Fiasco attempting to explain himself and assure fans that he’s not at war with Lamar but does take pride in his craft as most rappers do.

After Crooked I (of Slaughterhouse/Horsehoe Gang fame) posed a question of who was the better rapper between the pair, Fiasco responded in a quote tweet that KXNG Crooked was “making it worse.”

Peter Rosenberg hopped into the debate and didn’t hold back with his observation of the supposed tiff.

“man @LupeFiasco has fixation on people who say Kendrick is # 1 …he has made fun of me and called me a nut hugger for years over it…THAT SAID ..Lupe is RIDICULOUS as a lyricist and does not get the accolades he deserves …I understand having a chip on his shoulder,” Rosenberg wrote, adding that he too slept on Fiasco’s music.

Fiasco, unmoved by Rosenberg’s assertion, challenged the radio host to “tell @djvlad to pick up the f*cking phone.”

The clarification from Fiasco came in a number of now-deleted tweets that probably was too late for those hellbent on seeing these two great rappers duke it out.

“In my own words…once again for you b*tches…I love me some KDot…always have always will. With that said do think I he’s a good lyricist? Yes. Do I think he’s the best lyricist? No. Do I think it’s lyricists that are better than him? Yes. Is he a better artist than me? Yes,” Fiasco wrote.

“Is he a better lyricist than me? No. Does he make better songs than me? Yes. Did I think control was ridicule? No. Am I jealous of Kdot? No. Did I personally give him his props in chicago on stage as the next n*gga to take the crown? YES. Is It on camera? Yes. Did I mean it? Yes,” Fiasco added.

With finality, Fiasco then said, “Does my opinion matter? Obviously. Does your opinion matter? Yes. Does your opinion matter to me? No. Are we both legends? Yes. Are we both successful? Yes. Is it a bunch of unsuccessful n*ggaz that keep pushing this? Yes.”

All of this took place as Fiasco attempted to celebrate the two-year anniversary of his seventh studio album, Drogas Wave, a high-concept release that far too many people, like Rosenberg above, slept on.

With Lupe Fiasco and Kendrick Lamar’s names trending on Twitter, we took on the task of finding some responses to the so-called beef below.

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