Odd Future’s Earl

As Odd Future’s cult like following continued to rapidly expand, extensive research was done on behalf of the collective’s missing member, Earl Sweatshirt. After the public learned Earl’s mom shipped him to a Somoan boarding school, fan’s started an uprising with a “Free Earl” Campaign.

The New Yorker got in touch with the 17-year-old and was able to contact him via e-mail about the situation.

“Please listen: I am not being held against my will… Initially I was really pleased that all these people claimed that they wanted me released because I thought that translated into “they care,” Earl confides.

” So time progresses and the fan base gets bigger and the “Free Earl” chants get louder but now with the “Free Earl” chants come a barely indirect “Fawk Earl’s Mom” and in the blink of an eye my worry changes from “will there still be this hype when I get back” to “Oh Shyte I just inspired a widespread movement of people who are dedicated to the downfall of my mom…”

Becoming concerned for the well being of his mother, Earl asks fans to give him his space, and assures them when his “sentence” is finished he will return to the public eye.

The only thing I need as of right now is space… Space means no more “Free Earl.” If you sincerely care then I appreciate the gesture, but since you know the hard facts from the source you no longer need to worry. I miss home. I don’t have any definite date though. Even if I did I don’t know if I’d tell you. You’ll hear from me without a doubt when I’m ready.”

Earl has every right to be worried considering the aggressive nature of Odd Future fans. Even something as civil as a meet and great can turn into securities living nightmare. Just yesterday Tyler, The Creator tweeted this picture of an audience member were got stuck in the mosh pit.


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