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Pharrell Talks Karmaloop TV and The Verge Culture

Pharrell Williams, who was recently named Creative Director of Karmaloop, along with Karmaloop’s CEO Greg Selkoe, sat down for a recent interview with CNBC.

The two Karmaloop reps discussed their plans to expand its web-based video content to cable and satellite TV.

“Basically, this is my passion,” Selkoe, who grew his company from his parent’s home to a multi-million dollar business, said. “I thought I was going to be an urban planner, that’s what I did prior to starting Karmaloop.

“I went to the Kennedy School [at Harvard University] and got a masters in public policy,” he continued. “This whole business started in my parents basement and it’s become what it is today, but it was a side business when it started.”

“It’s a natural progression [to take KarmaloopTV to cable],” Willaims added. “I think it’s about time for the corporate world to sort of understand that these kids have a voice and they’re no longer going to wait for the older guys to figure it out.

“They’re going down to Silicon Valley and they’re the interns in these big captial companies…and software companies…They know what they want and it’s not a doubt. If you understand the space that you want to work in, then why don’t you want to go in there and make your life a lot easier?”

“What we’re trying to express with showcasing verge culture and all that it can do,” he continued. “It’s about illustrating to the world the incredible possibilities and the things that are in these children’s minds. The world is changing and it’s the youth culture that’s changing it.”

Watch the full interview below.