Police Seek Man For Swindling $500k For Fake Drake Show

A former business associate of rapper Drake is wanted by the police after he reportedly scammed over $500,000 from a South African promoter, posing as a go between for Drake and Nicki Minaj.

Police say Andrew Wilson, who was an associate of the T Dot rapper in the early stages of his career, used his former status with the rapper to dupe a South African promoter into sending him $500,000 for a fake concert.

The alleged con-man even went a far as showing old copies of a contract with Drake to support his claims. The South African promoter says he posted the half a million into an account in Singapore. The money was then transferred to a bank in Lebanon and has since been untraceable.

Police believe Wilson put the money into the account of his 76-year-old aunt, who has refused to cooperate and now faces similar charges.

Wilson is currently on the run and wanted on two counts of fraud.

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