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Even though Method Man is generally liked and respected throughout the globe his celebrity will not always save him. He now reveals how being on Shaolin time cost him a bag.

As spotted on The New York Post the “Release Yo’ Delf” rapper recently chatted with Angela Yee on the premiere episode of Established With Angela YeeThe two discussed his come up and more in an effort to detail how he was able to transition from Rap music to other creative avenues. When discussing his flourishing acting career he made it clear he got a big learning lesson from his stint on Oz.

At the time the Rap world was impressed his on screen skills. While the reception for his character Tug Daniels was generally positive his storyline was cut abruptly without any real reasoning provided. During the Q&A he detailed why Tug was sat down and sadly it seems this could all have been avoided with some punctuality. “I’m just [in bed] and I was like, ‘Oh man, I’m not getting up'”.

Apparently this was something he had pulled on other sets thus he thought he would get another pass. The next day he showed up to the HBO show and everything seemed cool “but it didn’t work with these guys” he explained. Nobody really said nothing to me and the new script came in — and I read it and I was killed off.” Thankfully the lapse in judgement didn’t get him blackballed in Tinseltown. You can catch him as David Maclean on Power II: Ghost.

Full clip of Established With Angela Yee below.

Photo: Starz