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PS5 & Xbox Series X Reportedly Already Having Issues

Source: Microsoft / Sony

While new consoles experiencing issues shouldn’t surprise anyone,  that doesn’t mean problems shouldn’t be any less concerning.

Microsoft’s next-gen consoles, the Xbox Series S|X, launched on Tuesday (Nov.10), and Sony is up next on Thursday (Nov.12), and both companies should be celebrating the momentous occasions. But new videos are popping up online, showing both consoles experience some rather worrisome issues.

One Reddit user by the name of Hirsutophilia shared jokingly in a post that his friend’s Xbox Series X “came with a campfire feature.” In a video making its rounds on social media, smoke can be seen coming out of the vent located on the top of the Xbox Series X console.

Responding to the video, which has interestingly been deleted, another Twitter, user Arek_Adamowicz said he also was experiencing the same issue and shared a video of smoke coming out of the console and pointing out that it’s “not a joke.”

Another Twitter user shared a similar video with the caption, “This Nigga Xbox is smoking.”

Kotaku is reporting that what we are witnessing could all be just a hoax. A Spanish Twitter news account Xbox Studio demonstrated how easy it is to recreate the smoking effect by using an ordinary household vape. Observe in the tweet below.

Now, why would anyone do this with their Xbox Series X console is an entirely different question. The vapor contains water, and it could totally put your new Xbox Series X out of commission.

Xbox Series X owners are not the only gamers facing concerning issues. A YouTuber claims that his PS5 console has “died.” @JeremyPenter, better known as ACG on YouTube, shared on Twitter that the PS5 console he was reviewing no longer turns on. He also pointed out that he was having “storage rebuild issues” and “full errors and network issues/boot.”

We genuinely hope these are potential issues for the first shipment of PS5 consoles going out tomorrow. We do believe the Xbox Series X smoking problem is, in fact, a hoax. We haven’t experienced those problems with our Xbox Series X console. We will continue to keep our ears for the streets to see if other gamers experience these issues with their consoles.

Photo: Microsoft / Sony