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A true friend is measured by his/her actions during trying times. In the case of Saigon, although everyone else may have counted out fellow rapper Tru Life, Sai continues to stand beside his friend during critical circumstances.

Releasing the track, “Free Tru Life”, the rapper pens a heartfelt letter to his friend as he shows that he is still behind Tru Life even with the charges against him. Once a part of the prison system himself, the rapper adds that if he had the key, he would make sure that he was no longer incarcerated.

The track also provides another perspective on the jailed rapper as his past incidents in the news has placed him in a negative light. Sai reflects on their past and how they have always tried to give back to the community and create a positive change. Speaking on the work that they have done to keep kids out of gangs, an enlightened point of view is provided that shows that rapper’s are not always as bad as the world tries to depict them.

Speaking with HipHopWired, Sai gave some more incite on the situation with Tru.

“I talk to Tru about twice a week. I want everybody just to remember that he’s in an unfortunate situation. They are charging him with the worst crimes you could be charged with as a person and he’s a totally innocent man. I know for a one million percent fact that he did not do what they are charging him with. His life took a dramatic turn and I just tell him to stay positive, keep praying and you will be vindicated eventually because God is good and I don’t think God is going to let an innocent man spend his whole life in prison for something he had nothing to do with.”

He also provided some words on how his friend has been doing since the case happened and how it has affected Tru’s family.

“Under the circumstances, I commend him, he’s strong. He’s praying. His faith is in God. He just misses his kids a lot…He cares more about his kids than himself which just says a lot about his character. He got two little boys. Not being there for them and he’s like their idol. They’re so used to him being there every day and you just take him away, that hurts. It’s like a smack in the face to his kids. Harsh reality.”

Roberto Guzman Rosado Jr. – better known as the rapper Tru Life – was arrested for the June 15 stabbings that left a second victim in critical condition. Rosado, 33, is jailed in Rikers Island on charges of murder, assault and weapons possession, police said. A conviction could find Rosado behind bars with a life sentence.

“I don’t believe in the system, so my faith is in God/D*mn, my right hand’s in a jam/They done went and put an innocent man in the can/Claiming I understand, feeling like crying, but I can’t/I decided to write this — Now they claiming you got a gang/Where we run around teaching these little n*ggas not to bang — At least show the father that takes his young sons to a soccer game — What up Tru, what it do, it’s your brother Sai/Why’d they have to choose you to try to nullify/I’m sorry, somebody sing that n*gga a lullaby/But y’all got the wrong motherFawking guy.”-(Free Tru Life)