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Joe Biden at the election campaign drive thru rally at the Jewish Society Museum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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As Donald Trump resumes to conspiracy theory spewing and does everything within his presidential power to steal the 2020 election, Joe Biden’s victory continues to be proven substantial as the great state of Georgia has confirmed what we already knew, Biden won.

After unnecessarily auditing and recounting votes in Georgia to appease Trump and his enabling allies, Deadline is reporting that Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R), announced that the recount is complete and Joseph R. Biden is indeed the winner of the Peach state. Though the recount did award Donald Trump an extra 486 votes, it was not enough to catch Joe Biden’s lead of more than 12,000 and ultimately led to Biden winning by 12,284 votes.

The audit showed that the highest error rate in any county recount was 0.73%. Most counties reported no change in their tally, and the majority of remaining counties had changes of fewer than 10 ballots. The most significant change was found in some counties that had not uploaded all of their memory cards, which was blamed on human error, but it did not change the outcome.

While it seems like a small and really insignificant change, don’t be surprised if Trump and his allies blow this way out of proportion and call for all ballots to be thrown out and have Georgia’s electoral votes awarded to him.

While it’s disgusting and scary to see the steps that Donald Trump is taking to subvert American democracy and hold onto power, it has been expected for a while now since Donald Trump is facing a bevy of indictments and charges due to all the crimes he’s committed before and while in office. In other words, that fool going to prison.

Whether or not Trump is actually able to force his fellow Republicans to help him steal this election and officially become the first American authoritarian remains to be seen, but right now Georgia’s Secretary of State reaffirms that democracy will continue on his watch.

Raffensperger indicated that the Georgia results will be certified on Friday. At the press conference, Giuliani said that the Trump campaign planned to file a new lawsuit in the state. The Trump campaign has until Tuesday to request another recount.

With his freedom and way of life on the line, expect Trump and his cronies to request another recount while plotting new and ridiculous ways to keep him in power.

Stay woke, y’all.