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Barack Obama x The Breakfast Club

Source: The Breakfast Club / Power 105

The election of Joe Biden to be the 46th President of The United States brought a collective sigh of relief to the world and as ecstatic as we are about a return to normal, we still can’t help but miss good old number 44, Barack Obama.

With his memoire, A Promised Land, hitting bookshelves across the board, the last real American President we’ve had sat down in a socially distanced setting with The Breakfast Club to talk politics, racism and life, with your favorite morning trio.

Taking the time to explain why he wasn’t able to “do more for Black people” to Michelle not totally being on board with his Presidential dreams, our favorite President in history elegantly breaks down all kinds of aspects of his life as only he can.

Here are the 8 things we learned from Barack Obama on The Breakfast Club.

Even before cancel culture became a thing on the internet, Barack Obama caught a lot of heat for his connection to the “controversial” Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Still, even in today’s political climate and the backlash one might get for standing next to someone who said “God is damning America,” Obama wouldn’t let people’s perception scare him away from attending Reverend Wright’s “amazing sermons.”

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