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Sony Promises More PS5 Consoles Will Be Available For The Holiday Season

Source: ED JONES / Getty

It’s no secret, trying to cop a PS5 right now is just as hard as copping a pair of Off-White Jordans on SNKRS. Sony is well aware of this issue and is promising more consoles are coming.

Today (Nov.25), Sony hopped on Twitter with the promising news that it will be making more consoles available for retailers to get out to customers while thanking gamers for making the PS5’s launch is its “biggest console launch ever.” We haven’t seen any numbers confirming this, nor has Sony explained how it determined that but based on just how scarce the console is and how high the demand is for it, we are inclined to believe that Sony isn’t making wild claims.

Even the most expensive bundles, which can cost up to $800, are selling quickly. Look no further than GameStop’s drop that had gamers voicing their frustration about the retail chain running out of PS5s as soon as the link to buy its limited bundles went on sale.

Since preorders for the next-gen console began and its eventual release, it has been a broken record of gamers’ complaints who can’t purchase one when retailers drop links to buy it only to be defeated by bots and scalpers trying to capitalize off the high-demand. Gamers across the pond haven’t been lucky either. IGN reported that UK reseller CrepChiefNotify says it “acquired nearly 3,500 PS5s to resell.”

With news like that, how can regular consumers compete?

While Sony is claiming that this is the “biggest launch ever,” it could also go down as one of its sloppiest as well. Whether it’s the bots gobbling up consoles, the consoles being difficult to manufacture due to COVID-19, Sony is not clear on the reasoning. Thing’s aren’t any better on the Xbox Series S|X front either, with Microsoft admitting that it more than likely won’t be able to match the demand until Spring 2021.

We know the jig is afoot when it comes to these next-gen consoles. We highly recommend you follow @PS5StockAlerts or @XboxSeriesXInfo for updates when more consoles are dropped.

Good luck.

Photo: ED JONES / Getty