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A burger run quickly turned into a volatile situation for Wack 100. The music executive came to blows with a pair of guys who were supposedly talking spicy to him. racially.

As seen on TMZ Blueface’s manager got into a show down during a recent visit to Primo Burgers in Lancaster, California. According to the celebrity gossip site two unidentified men were burning rubber behind him in the drive through. Naturally that caused Wack to address them for the fear that their vehicle would spin out of control and crash into his. Allegedly they responded by saying “Mind your f***ing business n***er.” This quickly turned into a tense back and forth that led to a fist fight.

In a video captured from the scene the very vocal online personality is seen squaring up with two white men with beards. The first man got into a quick exchange of swings that resulted in him getting knocked down and a bloody eye. The second man looks like he wants he wants the smoke too but starts to slow his movements once more people arrive on the scene. Wack 100 also follows suit and the action stops with the second man, sans bloody eye, saying they were going to write his plates down. Multiple media outlets claim police were not summoned and both parties went their separate ways.

Wack is no stranger to shooting fades in public. He infamously checked struggle rapper Stitches’ chin back in 2015. You can peep the video of the burger beef below.