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Scalper Account On Twitter Boasts About Securing 2,000 PS5 Pre-Orders

Source: Future Publishing / Getty

It’s been almost three months since the release of the PS5, and it’s still painstakingly hard to secure one, mainly because scalpers are scooping them all up.

Last week there was a rather significant restock of Sony’s next-gen console, but like every other restock of the PS5, you probably didn’t get your hands on one because of bots. Gamers have been raging after a scalper who goes by the handle Carnage on Twitter boasted about securing 2,000 pre-orders through U.K. retailer GAME in a tweet stating:

“Over 2,000 Checkouts successfully logged for today’s GAME restock on the PS5..” 

“Just keeps getting easier every time.”

Many were justifiably upset and expressed their anger at the scalper and called for GAME to cancel their orders. One user wrote:

“@GAMEdigital I hope you’re going to cancel the preorderes for the PS5 that Carnage bot purchased to scalp the genuine buyers like me.”

Another user expressed his understandable sadness after failing to get a PS5, sounding like all hope is lost.

“The bot scaplers carnage have got them all again. At this point not worth trying anymore #ps5restock #ps5″

Since the PS5’s release its been a broken record comprised of gamers expressing their disgust and disappointment due to it being so difficult to buy one of Sony’s consoles. They have spent days, hours, weeks, and months following accounts dedicated to announcing when retailers get more stock of PS5s and Xbox Series X consoles only to see the add to cart button turn to sold out after virtually camping out.

Hopefully, Sony and Microsoft will finally catch up to the demand for their next-gen consoles. As of right now, we have no idea when that day will come. Whatever you do, don’t pay over retail for either PS5, Xbox Series X, or Xbox Series S.

We wish you all good luck in your hunt for a PS5 and Xbox Series X, and if you need some assistance, these “cheat codes” should assist you.

Photo: Future Publishing / Getty