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Everyone knows that Ice Cube’s comedy classic, Friday, is responsible for helping launch the career of Chris Tucker into another stratosphere, and though Tucker gave a million dollar performance as “Smokey,” his actual payday for the role was barely enough to pay the rent for a few months in LA.

During an interview with Shannon Sharpe for Sharpe’s podcast Club Shay Shay, Tucker revealed that he was paid peanuts and almonds for his breakout role in the 90’s cannabis cult classic. Gleefully reminiscing on his days filming the movie, Tucker explained that not only was the movie shot in less than a month, but that he only got 10 stacks for his iconic performance.

“It’s one of those things — it was just a small movie. We filmed it in 20 days. I got about $10K for it or whatever, I didn’t care. I wanted the opportunity.”

Real talk, that was a performance worth at least $10 million. Just sayin.’ But the man was coming off of stand-up performances at the time so we can’t be mad at him taking the brown paper bag and running before eventually breaking the bank with Rush Hour.

Unfortunately it seems like all those rumors about Tucker returning as Smokey in a Last Friday film are actually false as the OG comedian has no interest in reprising the role that made him a hood household name. Though he hasn’t entirely ruled out a Friday return, Tucker said that he “probably won’t” and explained why he was hesitant to reprise the role we all wish he would again.

Tucker explained that he didn’t want to “shortchange my audience and my fans” as they’ve come to expect the same ol’ Smokey but he feels that “I can’t do what I did when I watch Friday now. I can’t do that. I was where I was when I was acting but now i’m in my 40’s now. I can do something even better!”

We know he can but damn! Can’t have a Last Friday without John Witherspoon (RIP), Deebo (RIP) AND Smokey. Goddang!

Check out the full interview below and let us know if you wanna see Smokey return or if Chris Tucker is right to leave his most iconic character in the past.