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Right before last year’s Presidential elections Ice Cube caught the wrath of the culture when Donald Trump’s camp revealed they were allegedly working with the Hip-Hop icon on his “Contract With Black America.”

Though Cube defended himself and explained he wasn’t supporting Trump’s re-election and only spoke to the Trump administration after the Biden camp passed on a meeting, everyone felt that he was ultimately used by Trump to help him get some of the Black vote in the coming elections. Now that the former Racist-In-Chief is out of office and the Biden Harris administration is in full swing, TMZ is reporting that Cube will indeed be meeting with the new Head of State to discuss the contract he’s been pitching for a while now.

During an interview with Ryan Cameron for his Majic ATL radio show, the rapper/actor/activist revealed that the Biden’s people reached out to Cube on Tuesday (February 2) and have begun making plans to have Joe Biden and Ice Cube meet to talk about Cube’s CWBA.

Sources close to Ice Cube tell TMZ … planning for the summit is still in the early stages, but Cube is following through on his promise to talk to whoever won the election about helping Black Americans moving forward.

Cube says he’s hoping they can make it a face-to-face meeting where he can also bring in some of his experts and specialists on the subject.

Well, that’s good to know.

Ice Cube had begun pitching his “Contract With Black America” since before the November elections and it wasn’t until the Trump Administration realized they were in dire need of Black support (duh?) that they reached out to Cube. It got to the point that Donald Trump began showcasing Hip-Hop names like Lil Wayne (whom he pardoned), and Lil “Pimp” (Pump) as his supporters to help sway the Black vote his way.

The notorious conman even proposed a $500 billion dollar “Platinum Plan” package that was supposedly aimed at helping Black America with new jobs, healthcare, and education, just two months before the Presidential election. Y’all know that was never gonna happen.

Still, it’s good to see Biden and Cube setting aside some time to build some sort of plan for Black America going forward. We hope some good music comes of this new collaboration. Lord knows we need it.