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Ice-T and Coco are doing more than promoting their E! reality TV show “Ice Loves Coco”, they’re promoting the rapper’s line of OG XO Brandy.

Before a tasting soiree, HipHopWired caught up with them at a local liquor store where they signed autographs and spoke on a number of topics including Coco’s ‘Licious’ clothing line and what they want fans to learn from their reality show.

According to Coco, she just wants fans to know that she’s a loving wife and not a “Beyotch” like some people think.

“One misconception that I hear is that I’m a Beyotch somehow and I don’t know where they get that because I’m so the opposite….I’m not just that model, I also love my family and friends and I’m compassionate. I also dedicate myself to my husband.”

Additionally Ice is said to be reuniting today with his 90s metal band Body Count during a party for Xbox 360’s “Gears of War 3.”

Body Count is most known for their track “Cop Killer” which sparked a wave of controversey and criticism.

The group will hit the stage at The Edison Los Angeles.

For pictures of Ice and Coco at the tasting for their OG XO Brandy, click here.

Don’t miss the series premiere of “Ice Loves Coco” on June 12th at 10:30pm ET/PT on E!