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21 Bodies Found Outside of Mexican Town

21 bodies were found in five separate locations outside of the Mexican town of Morelia.

On Thursday, officials in Mexico are following leads on the bodies that were found last night.

According to reports by CNN, Michoacan state attorney general’s office spokman Jonathan Arredondo stated that some of the bodies show signs of torture.

The CNN report reads:

At least three bodies had bullet wounds and signs of strangulation, he said.

The bodies were found just outside several exits to the central Mexican city. Authorities found three piles of five victims each, and two piles with three victims each, Arredondo said.

There were notes found at each location, but authorities did not immediately reveal what they said or if any group claimed responsibility.

Despite the similarities at the five locations, Arredondo said it was still unknown if all the bodies were linked.

Morelia is the capital of the state of Michoacan, which is the territory of the violent Familia Michoacana cartel.

The cartel purportedly circulated a letter calling for a truce with authorities last December and January of this year. In the letter, the cartel accused the federal police of committing abuses in the region and blaming it on them.

Hopefully the guys that left those 21 bodies aren’t friends with the Latino gang that was indicted for terrorizing blacks in Azusa, CA.

That would be a bit unsettling.