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Back in 2002, the Harlem based rap group known as The Diplomats was becoming an unstoppable force. With talented artists such as Cam’Ron, Juelz Santana, J.R. Writer and others, the movement was moving. Their presence was undeniable as their backing moved them swiftly into the ranks of the Roc-A-Fella dynasty and stood as the next in line after Dame and Jay began to have cracks in their relationship.

Years later, the movement has come to a complete halt as the Dipset gang has dispersed completely since their general Cam’Ron went AWOL. Tension has boiled over between the three core members as Jim Jones and Juelz took one side and Cam was the opposition. One thing is evident and continues to linger in fans’ minds and that is the fact that it was all good just a week ago.

Initially when Juelz spoke about his former leader, he stated about the bad business ethics that were going on behind closed doors and he felt as though Killa wasn’t giving him his dues for all the work that he put in while rocking with the gang. Instead, selfishness made Cam hold on to mostly everything that was supposed to be his.

In an interview with Complex, the young rapper brings into light and ponders if their relationship was an authentic friendship or if it was strictly just an employer and his employee.

“Don’t be blind to nothing. I learned that from the situation that happened with me and Cam. For me to feel like this is my brother and for us not to come to an agreement, that made me feel like, ‘Was it always just business?’ That’s what made it hurt a little more. But I still wish him the best; I still got genuine love. I was just an artist before and the boss had to deal with me. Now it’s a bit different because I have to make sure I give people the right advice, never take things personal, and never be a dictator.”

Problems have also risen for Jones and Santana with Hell Rell who feels that they are the reason for the split. He recently filed a lawsuit against Jones for copyright infringement.

The same situation seems to have happened with other groups such as Murder Inc and Roc-A-Fella as the validity of relationships is questioned heavily once the chips are down. For most of these cases, business seems to outweigh everything as money is more important than any bond.