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Girl, 5, Drowns Toddler

A 5-year-old Kansas City girl confessed to authorities that she drowned an 18-month-old toddler in a bathtub because he ‘cried too much,’ according to police.

The death, first thought to be a accident, was upgraded to murder after the 5-year-old told social workers investigating the case that she didn’t like the little boy because he ‘made too much noise’, and ‘cried too much’, police said.

Police say she then indicated that she drowned him on purpose.

The children were in the care of a 16-year-old girl who reportedly has mental disabilities when the incident occurred.

The adult who was under supervision had left the house to go pick up a relative from a bus stop.

It was then authorities say the 5-year-old dragged the toddler into the undrained bathtub and submersed him in the water.

According to police, the 5-year-old accused murderer has not been arrested and authorities are looking into why the children were left without adult supervision.

On Monday, the father of the deceased, Jermane Johnson Sr, posted this on his FaceBook page,

‘I just got asked the hardest question that no parent should never answer. What kind of caskets do I want to put my son in.’


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