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Oscar Grant: Former Cop Johannes Mehserle To Be Released Monday

We all knew what America thought about Black men but the exclamation point was put on the statement as Johannes Mehserle, the coldblooded killer of unarmed Black man Oscar Grant, is expected to be released from jail next week after serving only 11 months of a two-year sentence.  WTF!!!!

According to The Associated Press, quick draw  Mehserle is scheduled to be set free Monday from a Los Angeles County jail where he served his time after his high-profile trial was moved to Southern California last year.

“We’ve been informed that he will be released sometime that day,” Alameda County Deputy District Attorney Teresa Drenick said Thursday.

As previously reported, Mesherle, a former California transit police officer was sentenced in November  to two years with credit for time served for killing Oscar Grant, an unarmed Black man, in what a lawyer for the victim’s family called “a punch in the stomach.”

Mehserle   was convicted  July 8, 2010  of involuntary manslaughter in the death of 22-year-old Oscar Grant on New Year’s Day in 2009.

The shooting occurred after Grant was apprehended by Mehserle and colleagues for resisting arrests. According to reports and video surveillance, Grant was subdued when the ex-officer shot him in the back which subsequently led to his death which from the video looks like cold blooded murder.

Mehserle claimed he was reaching for his taser.

With its verdict, the jury declined to convict him of second-degree murder or voluntary, which would have carried lengthier sentences.

Grant’s mother, Wanda Johnson, pleaded with  Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Robert Perry to impose the maximum 14 years in prison, calling Mehserle “a murderer.”

Mesherle’s lawyer claimed the shooting was an accident and urged the judge to sentence him to probation.  He said Mesherle intended to draw his Taser and not his gun.

Attorney John Burris, who represents the victim’s family in a civil action against the city of Oakland, said the sentence reaffirms the idea that the justice system in inherently biased against the African-American community.

“This case is a  profound statement that no, it is not fair,” Burris said outside the courthouse. “Your lives as African-Americans can be taken from you without cause.”

I think its time for another riot and burn this motherfu&ker down!!!

The Video Of Oscar Grant’s Cold Blooded Murder Is Below:


R.I.P. Oscar Grant

” Ms. Oprah, Mr. Cosby I am right back at you a%s,  Without honor Mr. Obama please don’t walk out so fast.  I got a question for ya’ll all.  Why when Oscar grant got murdered we did not hear a peep from ya’ll.” – Killer Mike

“That’s Life Part 2