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Hate him or love him one thing that Ebro does not do is bite his tongue. One of his most memorable interviews apparently caused an artist to have self doubt.

As spotted on Hot New Hip Hop Saweetie recently conducted an interview with Cosmopolitan Magazine where she admitted that after an appearance on Ebro In The Morning show her self confidence tanked. Back in February of 2018 the Hayward, California native insisted on freestyling for Ebro, Peter Rosenberg and Laura Stylez. While she tried to impress the crew her bars and delivery where both mired in struggle. Darden was very blunt and responded that the impromptu performance was basic and she only had her beauty to offer.

“It was a really dark point in my life. I went from being so loved so quickly because of ‘Icy Grl’ to, on my first promo run, well, you saw the interview. The script flipped really quick, like night and day. I was like, Wait…” she trails off. “I had PTSD from that.” While she spoke on several topics regarding her professional career with Cosmo this portion of the interview quickly gained steamed on Twitter.

Naturally all eyes soon turned to Ebro’s feed and one of his more recent posts which read “Please don’t confuse success in the music business with being good at making music”.

The tweet was taken by many as a subliminal shot at the “My Type” singer but Darden quickly cleared up the vibes. “Whoa. Whoa. Never she’s a sweetie… stop that. Nice person and some good records too” he added. He additionally stated that it was a case of the internets taking a general thought and applying to this trending story. “Im just tweeting listening to music and having discussions, then boom!”.

You can view the freestyle in question below.