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Rep. Matt Gaetz is under heavy scrutiny as a Justice Department investigation has uncovered a link between a disgraced politician and the Florida congressman. A new report revealed that former Seminole County tax collector Joel Greenberg paid women for sexual favors and introduced them to Gaetz, who paid them using Cash App and other forms of electronic payments.

The New York Times published an early morning report on Friday (April 2) that Greenberg and Gaetz both sought out women online for sex and paid them in various ways and the publication saw some of the text messages and recipients of the money exchanges.

Justice Department officials have reason to believe that Greenberg met the women on sites where sex is exchanged for gifts, money, travel, and the like according to three people close to the investigation. It appears that Greenberg then shared the contact information of the women with Gaetz, who also had sex with them for money and other gifts. A third person said to be involved with Florida Republicans was also in on Greenberg’s scheme as well.

Currently, the Justice Department is investigating claims that Gaetz had sex with a 17-year-old girl and attempting to trace if the Republican congressman gave the girl gifts or anything of value as a result. A sex trafficking case involving Greenberg is connected to the same teenager in question.

Gaetz has publicly denied ever paying a woman for sex but the receipts show payments from Cash App and Apple Pay to at least three women, while payment from cash from ATM hotels was also examined. Gaetz and the other suspected men in this scandal were said to have ingested ecstasy before engaging in sexual activities.

Gaetz is currently not facing any charges and he is already scrambling with his legal team to shoot down the chatter. Adding a wrinkle to all of this, Gaetz’s communication director and aide resigned on Friday after working with the 38-year-old congressman since 2017.

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