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The culture might be ready and willing to move on from the presence of Iggy Azalea, but rappers and other celebrities seemingly still want to get more familiar with the “PAWG” of a rapper.

Recently, the “Fancy” artist decided she had some extra time on her hands and took to social media to “expose” the countless DM messages she receives on the regular.

Though she’s blocked out the names of the creepin’ individuals, we can clearly see that these accounts have millions of followers (only celebs have those kinds of numbers) and the messages are filled with praise, propositions, and a lowkey proposal.

As the messages appear one after another, we can clearly see men (and probably women) offering to kiss Iggy’s butthole, a $15,000 offer for a simple one-on-one conversation (we woulda taken that one), and another message saying they wanted to marry Azalea.

Real talk, if she’s getting messages like this, we can only imagine the kind of X-rated pictures she’s received ever since announcing her break-up from her baby daddy, Playboi Carti, in 2018. We were lowkey surprised she’s been single this long, at least publicly. For all we know, she’s probably wifed up but keeping it to herself as we all know social media ruins celebrity relationships with comments, pictures, and blatant hate.

But for the time being, it seems like Iggy’s more concerned with her career than being boo’d up as she’s recently dropped her latest joint, “Sip It” where she reminds us why her company is in such high demand.

How long before users match up those number of followers to actual IG accounts? We shall see.

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