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Source: OWN Communications / OWN Communications

The horrific story of Black Wall Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is getting profiled by the Oprah Winfrey Network called OWN Spotlight: The Legacy of Black Wall Street. The first installment of the two-part special will air on the massacre’s 100th anniversary on Tuesday, June 1, followed by the second episode on Tuesday, June 8 on the network and Discovery+.  

According to Deadline, the docuseries will explore the bustling 36-block town of Oklahoma’s Greenwood district up to the deadly attack that left 300 people dead by racists mobs.  It will also connect the stories of past and modern-day pioneers who continue to work to rebuild and heal the traumatized town. 

Viewers will learn about the stories of Loula Williams, Augusta Stradford, Dr. Andrew C Jackson, Drusilla Dunjee Houston, and A.J. Smitherman, who all lived in Tulsa during the 1900s, and their descendants Venita Cooper, Jerica Wortham, Onikah Asamoa-Caesar, Dr. Jabraan Pasha and Raven Majia Williams. Each serves as present-day activists, dedicated to carrying the legacy of their murdered ancestors.

Representative Regina Goodwin and J. Kavin Ross, who are also direct descendants of the massacre, will appear on the docuseries offering their unique insight from never-before-seen interviews. Dr. Angela Davis and Dr. Ellora Derenoncourt will offer their expert perspectives on the historic event.

In other news, there’s another Black Wall Street feature debuting on the 100th anniversary of the massacre called Tulsa: The Fire and the Forgotten airing on PBS. Read more about that here.

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Source: OWN Communications / OWN Communications