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Virgil Abloh

Source: Jordan Brand / NIke

Outside of the album cover for Pop Smoke’s posthumous debut album, Shoot For The Stars, everything Virgil Abloh touches is guaranteed money. Now the revered designer is looking to remix the sneaker box your kicks come in.

Yesterday Virgil unveiled the sneaker box that his upcoming Dear Summer collection will be shipping in and if nothing else, it’s damn sure different. Looking like a junior high school project complete with black tape on the edges and a struggle swoosh drawn on the top cover, the box also features the circular cut-outs that debuted on his Air Jordan V collaboration last year.

Well, it definitely stands out.

While the box looks like it’ll collapse under the weight of other sneaker boxes on top of it, we’re sure it’s sturdy enough to handle the pressure it’s bound to sustain in the closets of true to life sneakerheads. Still, it’s not just about the art on box but the inspiration behind it that should be admired as Virgil explained in the caption to his post.

“it was ©2017 i started drawing on those 10 Nike shoes. in my mind they are not literal shoes, but are more like sculptures a full-on art object made in multiple editions, somewhat scarce. they exist in a space all their own. where the plot thickens on the design side is the portal to tell stories as vivid as a HOV triple entendre or a Jeezy ad-lib…”

Aight, B. Just make sure we’re able to land a pair when they drop. That’s all we ask.

What do y’all think about the new box that Virgil Abloh will be using to serve up his upcoming collection? Let us know in the comments section.