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At one point in his Hollywood career director M. Night Shyamalan (The Sixth Sense) was considered one of the greatest film makers in the business. But then The Happening happened and he never fully recovered.

Since then he’s tried to rebound with Devil (meh), The Visit (eh) and actually got back in everyone’s good graces with Split. Then he pressed his luck with the sequel to fan favorite, Unbreakable with 2019’s Glass and once again found himself in the dog house. Now M. Night is giving it another go with a new supernatural film that’ll make you feel a ways about your age in Old (the man really does like one or two syllable titles).

In the trailer for his latest offering, a group of people find themselves on a beach where everyone, well, gets old. Like hella old real fast. A child who grew into an adult in minutes even gets pregnant out of nowhere. Is this the island Jeffery Epstein used to hole up at or something?!

Yeah, we’re not sure about this one either but some executive somewhere had faith in M. Night’s vision.

Could it be an island controlled by aliens? The government? Maybe it’s Maybelline? We don’t know but it does seem interesting.

Check out the trailer to Old below and let us know if you’ll be checking it out when it drops in theaters come July 23rd.

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